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Problems when cold starting a motorcycle by PerryRObray
My son has a ktm 50 sx 2017 model, and from day 1 it's been hard to start when it's cold. The only way to start it, is to tip the bike on its front wheel , back wheel in the air and work the throttle a few times and it starts first kick. Does ...
When choosing brakes for your mountain bike, what is the difference between coaster, rim and disc? by PerryRObray
That is a very important question as they all have pluses and minuses. Coaster brakes are in the hub of the wheel and activated when the pedals go in reverse. Rim brakes have pads that rub on the side of the rim to slow down the wheels. Disc brakes ...

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Sold ?
by Mat - 20 hours ago
Just found this board for my collection and would like to know what year model it is. I know its something between 1996-2000, can anyone point out the exact year? ...
by t79 - 1 day ago
by Jacqueline - 1 day ago
Ktm mini 50. My son's bike stalled . I started it backup it will Only rev half way and the tire will not move took the clutch plate off. The flywheel is not broke or the woodruff key. ...
by Jones13 - 2 days ago
Hi Trace, Are you still there ?
by Mat - 2 days ago
Matt passed on the Rick I have because he bought a reissue on eBay so I think this should now be an open thread
by snowboardermv - 3 days ago

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