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Tips to maintain your paragliding wings
As paragliding evolves so does its equipment. One had many factors to consider before renting or even buying there own paragliding wing. The wing is after all the center of this sport. We have ...
by okr
Helicopter Bungee Jumping in New Zealand
"Ooooohhhyaaaaheeesss!!!" there were the words that I cried out as I threw myself from three hundred meters in the sky, from a helicopter. My ankles tied to it with only a piece of rubber band. ...
by okr
New Zealand: Bungee Jumping
With only a rope tied to your legs you throw yourself dozens of meters down, just before you think you might crash on the ground, you go back up really fast. Only real heroes dare to do this. New ...
by okr
What do snowboarding and mountain biking have in common?
Besides both being mountain related activities, some of the best places for snowboarding in the winter are now becoming all season resorts with summer fun, including mountain biking and hiking. Check ...
by okr
gearbox transmission downhill mountain bicycle
photo courtesy of With companies such as Cavalerie, Belt-Bikes, and Nicolai at minimum diving hard into serious downhill mountain biking, how is this going to effect things? The ...
by PerryRObray
Are there any cheap ways to increase the torque on a moped so that the front end will pop up easily?
Big, huge, light fat front tire with the lightest possible within reason tube, spokes, nipples, hub, rim.....etc..... Then fill the tire with helium. Put a rack on the back with enough weight. ...
by PerryRObray
How are tides predicted?
From what oceanography PhD's have told me, tide prediction is mostly empirical. Water height is collected at a given location for some time, year(s), and then they do a Fourier Transform over ...
by 3pt477Knots
How to tell the difference between a 530 and a 630 chain
To answer this question, it is necessary to understand the system of giving name/numbers to the chain. 1. Every chain number has two distinct parts. The first one (5 in case of 530 and 6 in ...
by Asif Nadeem
Rock Climbing Techniques and Safety.
During rock climbing you ascend/descend steep rock formations. Climbers usually use gear and safety equipment especially designed for this purpose. Endurance, strength, and mental control are ...
by okr
Snowboarding, a Eport for everyone
Whereas other winter sports have arisen because people had used it as a means of transportation through the snow, snowboarding was invented for recreational purposes and became a pleasant ...
by okr
What's in your first aid kit?
I have a very small first aid kit that fits in a sandwich bag and weighs very little for human powered backcountry activities. This one was configured mostly by a college backcountry teacher and ...
by PerryRObray
What Size Snowboard Should I Buy?
Beginners often ask what length snowboard they should buy, but the width is just as important. Length is usually measured in cm and is abbreviated to just the last two digits, so a Burton Custom 56 ...
by okr
Damian Walters' Playsport Parkour Video
This it the new video by Damian Walters! It's been done in conjunction with Kodak to show off the new Playsport - designed specifically with extreme sports in mind it's great for this ...
by ketch
Questions to Consider Before Buying a Wakeboard.
The type of wakeboard you own will reflect on the level you may reach and the style of wakeboarding your will do. The features of the board are important to achieve the performance you seek. So sit ...
by okr
How to choose a snowboard
Most of the time, overall board length can be the best indicator of correct board size. BUT, in rare occasions overall board length is the worst sizing tool: high speed, powder deeper than ...
by PerryRObray
Snowboarding, the first time
Snowboarding is a difficult sport. The main reason for the sudden popularity of the sport is because of the fact that more and more teachers appeared. In the beginning of this sport, people did ...
by okr
Rock climbing harnesses
Each rock climber needs a harness to guarantee their safety while climbing. This is an important purchase because there are many things to be taken into consideration: freedom of movement, weight, ...
by okr
Skydiving - How Safe or How Dangerous Is It?
Questions frequently heard by a sky diver: "What if you pull the line and it doesn't open?" "Did anything ever go wrong?" "It's probably not good for your back to have all those hard landings, is ...
by okr
Cervelo S3 Review
Adam from the Spoke 'N' Word test rode the Cervelo S3 and aside of a few weak groans and moans he has nothing but good words to say.
by Kelly
Paragliding equipment.
The charm of paragliding is the simplicity. Although the performances of wings become better each year and the time in which equipment weighed less than 10kg is definitively behind us, one is ...
by okr
What is the essential gear for climbing?
There is a difference between traditional multi pitch rock climbing and summer mountaineering. Often enough, thesetwo very specialized extreme sports will be included under the general name of ...
by okr
Selling my vintage Shaun Palmer clown snowboard
trying to sell Shaun Palmer classic vintage clown snowboard it's been used but its in good condition...let me know if your interested
by Malsonator
Shaun Palmer clown snowboard for sale
Vintage Shaun Palmer snowboard.trying to let it go
by Malsonator
Riding With Kids
I am at the point with my family now that we would like to start riding around with them, both on outings and on our bikes, instead of using a car. My youngest is two, and I didn't feel a bike was a ...
by Kelly
Adventure Racing - What Is It All About?
The sport of Adventure Racing is growing in popularity rapidly. This growth is caused by the challenges that are offered to adventure racers. It is one of the sports where just finishing the race is ...
by okr
Adventure racing tale- just one day
As a Dutch duo we registered for the Terra Incognita 2006 in Croatia. For insiders a heavy 5-day adventure race. I already had participated in this race and could enjoy this fantastic country. As ...
by Kelly
Southridge bike Race
Southridge Winter Series presented by Shimano, kicked off this past weekend under surprisingly beautiful conditions! While the rest of the country is under snow, and the majority of California is ...
by Kelly
Leadville Trail 100
The Leadville Trail 100 Ultramarathon first run in 1983, is an Ultramarathon held annually on trails and dirt roads at high altitude west and south of Leadville, Colorado, through the heart of the ...
by Kelly
Snowboards Wanted
Lamar-Ranquet-Heineken SIMS-Jenna/Brianna SIMS-freestyle black topsheet with pink base (89) Santa Cruz Chris Roach-Woman in cemetery with tree (9?) Santa Cruz TAU (spawned ASR series) that Roach ...
by Eboarder36
Crit Racing
No doubt race season is on, with the tours going on all over the place as summer closes in on us. Crit season is on us as well - and although personally I am not into racing, I can see why some ...
by Kelly
1981 Burton Backhill wanted
Hello everyone, I am looking for a 1981 Burton Backhill for my collection. If anyone has any leads or has one they are willing to sale in good condition. Please let me know. Thank you. TCW
by Oaksnow
Skiing Styles
There are different styles to skiing: Cross country, downhill, freestyle and Telemark. These disciplines differ greatly in terms of preparation and fitness, so take a look at what specialty you wish ...
by okr
Sky Diving - Main Disciplines
Sky diving is by definition performing acrobatics in free fall before pulling the ripcord of a parachute. There are many ways of sky diving, also called disciplines. Before you can perform ...
by okr
by Kelly
Mid-90's Burton Snowboard
trying to identify and get a price on my burton snowboard, it is a wood core from the mid-90's, please help!, pictures attached
by bryancurths
This is what the monitor on my BlackBerry Z10 shows after I click on the Extreme Forum link for the actual post in the email I received from yahoo. After I click on the try again button, the forum ...
by PerryRObray
The Hot Black Jersey: Myth or Fact?
How do you pick your biking jersey, and how much thought do you put into it? I go to the appropriate store and pick one that fills all the functions I need it to fill (usually andy Jersey that is a ...
by Kelly
From a 67 Mile Bike to a 600 Kilometer Ride
I guess you could say that I was more of a recreational rider than anything else. I take my riding as seriously as the next person, but really do it mainly for fun. I might not the distances that I ...
by Kelly
Your snowboard and other equipment.
The snowboard is the heart of the sport. Therefore the decision if to rent or to buy, and which board to buy is a most important one. Each of the snowboarding riding styles will ...
by okr
Winter X Games Are Landing Again In Aspen
On January 25th to 28th the winter X games will be turning Aspen up side down. The usual events of SuperPipe, Slopestyle and Snowboarder X will be present, as will a new event - the Snowboard Best ...
by okr

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