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Are there any cheap ways to increase the torque on a moped so that the front end will pop up easily? by PerryRObray
Big, huge, light fat front tire with the lightest possible within reason tube, spokes, nipples, hub, rim.....etc..... Then fill the tire with helium. Put a rack on the back with enough weight. LOL! Cheap ways to increase the torque on a moped ...
How are tides predicted? by 3pt477Knots
From what oceanography PhD's have told me, tide prediction is mostly empirical. Water height is collected at a given location for some time, year(s), and then they do a Fourier Transform over the data to see what are the major sine wave ...
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You are welcome. Actually had a chain issue (to tight) in the past that caused power loss after awhile. Lubing properly most likely helps too.
by PerryRObray - 6 hours ago
Sounds as if the engagement is to low and it drags the motor down prior to making power . Check the stack in your clutch .... Good luck
by Sleddugd - 7 hours ago
here is a more accurate idea of value ...
by ed - 1 day ago
I will see this afternoon on that an get back to u I'm at work now .
by Leon - 3 days ago
make mistake and crossed battery cables. blew 30amp fuse so i replaced. thin hit start to see what i got sounded like it would start but i stopped so i can hook water up. now hit start ...
by mark - 4 days ago
The free membership here comes with complimentary, in house, private email.
by PerryRObray - 4 days ago
Hey there. R U still interested in selling?
by Q - 5 days ago
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