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When choosing brakes for your mountain bike, what is the difference between coaster, rim and disc? by PerryRObray
That is a very important question as they all have pluses and minuses. Coaster brakes are in the hub of the wheel and activated when the pedals go in reverse. Rim brakes have pads that rub on the side of the rim to slow down the wheels. Disc brakes ...
Are there any cheap ways to increase the torque on a moped so that the front end will pop up easily? by PerryRObray
moped wheelie.jpg
Big, huge, light fat front tire with the lightest possible within reason tube, spokes, nipples, hub, rim.....etc..... Then fill the tire with helium. Put a rack on the back with enough weight. LOL! Cheap ways to increase the torque on a moped ...
How are tides predicted? by 3pt477Knots

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Some people look at the http://ebay.com sold section to try and guess the value of some things.
by PerryRObray - 1 day ago
The tenth digit codes only work on bikes and cars that have a 17 digit vin. Pee Wee 50's don't have a 17 digit vin in the earlier models. I'm not certain but I think that started at 2000.
by Kev - 2 days ago
Selling vintage Burton ouji twin 158cm Good condition a few nicks on the edge but what do you expect from a board from the 90's http://w
by Guest - 2 days ago
That board is legendary should hang it on your wall m8
by Kim Young - 3 days ago
Wanting to buy: old lib technologies Snowboards (specifically any Matt Cummins models, Litigators, Black Top's, anything flowertop, Cat Man, etc...) Send me a private message if you have ...
by Winter.Scape - 3 days ago
Gibson available?
by Bshagnasty - 3 days ago
Oh really!?
by Bshagnasty - 4 days ago

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