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How are tides predicted? by 3pt477Knots
From what oceanography PhD's have told me, tide prediction is mostly empirical. Water height is collected at a given location for some time, year(s), and then they do a Fourier Transform over the data to see what are the major sine wave components of the tide are at that location. The data is then fit using the sine wave components of the motion of the heavenly bodies, dominantly the sun ...

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i am interested
by Mikeg76 - 2 hours ago
Hey Scott I have the 156cm Noah Board , you interested....?
by WarrenPiece - 2 hours ago
Sims Noah Salasnek (1993) Board with Bindings. Came up on a Gem... Not looking to give it away, but all realistic offers will be considered... ...
by WarrenPiece - 3 hours ago
I will pay top dollar for both, If you could please send me an email thanks.
by mitsubishi9908 - 2 days ago
ok, thanks for sharing that!
by Vale - 2 days ago
Perry wrote: All the snowboards I've used after my first one have been relatively rare. Not sure which one is the rarest. Why is that?
by jade - 2 days ago
by tg - 2 days ago
Hey! Shoot me a message at <email> I'm very interested..!
by S.Now - 3 days ago
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